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What Happens to Your Company’s Facebook Page When You Die?

While Facebook has recently developed user-friendly options for managing your personal profile in the event of your death, the company has yet to develop any streamlined way to handle your business accounts once you’re gone. Indeed, a Google search of “what happens to...

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Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments in 3 Easy Steps

There’s currently more than 1,300 different forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin traveling through cyberspace, with a total value of more than $575 billion. While some people buy and hold crypto as an investment opportunity, many consumers use it just like other forms...

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How to Fix Errors in Your Credit Report

While some of those TV commercials for free credit-score report companies are pretty funny, having errors on your credit report is no laughing matter. Indeed, your credit score is one of the main factors determining your access to loans, credit cards, housing, and...

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How California’s New Test to Classify Workers Impacts You

Correctly classifying workers as employees or independent contractors has always been tricky. Depending on the regulatory agency involved and whether you’re dealing with state or federal law, there are numerous different factors and tests that can apply to your...

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3 Deadly Sins of Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of life’s most important financial goals. Indeed, funding retirement is one of the primary reasons many people put money aside in the first place. Yet many of us put more effort into planning for our vacations than we do to prepare for a...

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When Something is NOT Better Than Nothing—Part 2

Last week, we shared the first part of this series discussing the hidden dangers of do-it-yourself estate planning. In part two, we cover one of the greatest risks posed by DIY documents. You might think you can save time and money by using do-it-yourself estate...

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How to Protect Your Trademark in Foreign Countries

Globalization and digital technology have made the world seem like a much smaller place. And though the enhanced ability to reach international markets can be a major advantage for your business, it also opens up new complications with intellectual property rights....

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