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Common Tactics Utilized By Clients To Return To Normalcy Following A DUI Case

Interviewer: What have you seen people do once their case is over to get back on their feet and return to normal life as quickly as possible?

Matthew Murillo: Stay away from alcohol.  Most people generally tend to try to stay away from alcohol because they’ve had this experience that they want to forget and they don’t want to be in that position again.  If they’re convicted of anything, they’ll complete probation and hope to move on with their life and try to get the cases expunged down the road.  If they’re not convicted of anything or if the case is dismissed, then they’re appreciative and move on.

Many People Resort to Counseling to Alleviate Any Issues that They May be Facing

Hopefully we never have to see that person again because they haven’t gotten in trouble again. Most people will stay away from alcohol and stay away from situations like that, that can lead to further issues down the road. I’ve even had some clients who proactively start going to AA meetings or start going to substance abuse meetings to prevent any underlying alcohol issues that might be laying dormant, from surfacing.

Notable Case Studies Of Victorious DUI Cases In The State of California

Interviewer: Are there any particular DUI cases that you can share that you had was victorious or unique?

Matthew Murillo: The one that always comes to mind is this case where there were four outstanding DUI cases against one person and these were after previous convictions for two DUIs. This one was potentially looking at six in total. This person was going through some family tragedies with both ends and it was just the worst time in this person’s life.  Three of those DUIs were filed as felonies; one was filed as a misdemeanor. If you’re looking at a misdemeanor with a maximum of one year in jail and felonies with the minimum of 16 months to a maximum of 3 years, you can imagine that this person was looking at a long time in jail.

Sometimes Getting a Person a Reduced Sentence Can be Considered a Victory

This is one of the situations also where whether or not you consider it a win depends on your perspective. This is also one of those cases that being a good person and having a family and those things, they won’t necessarily help on their own but they will contribute to a case. The reason this stands out was because of those personal issues that the person was having. I had a discussion with the judge and the DA, explained what those issues were and explained that this person was a good person and simply need help dealing with the underlying issues because I didn’t feel that there were any underlying substance issues.

Emotional Issues Can be a Mitigating Factor in a California DUI Case

Because of that, the judge agreed and we were able to come to an agreement so that this person would serve essentially no more than six months in jail on all of those cases and then receive the treatment that was needed,

1)      For the way this person was dealing with those emotional issues, and

2)      Getting help dealing with those emotional issues.

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