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Arrested? Our DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help!

A criminal or DUI arrest can cause much stress and anxiety, mostly because most people arrested have never been arrested for anything else and have no prior experience with the legal process.  That’s where our DUI & Criminal Defense attorneys come in and help relieve that stress.  Often, there is belief that the date you are to appear in Court will be your “Trial” date. This is not the case, it is only an Arraignment hearing and you will not be “tried” for the charges on that date.  An Arraignment hearing is only used by the Judge to inform you of the charges against you (which may or may not be different than those you were arrested for).  It is always best to avoid going to the Arraignment hearing alone, as bail could become an issue and you could be remanded into custody and forced to post bail.  Instead, contact a skilled DUI or Criminal Defense attorney immediately to discuss your case and start working towards taking any steps that may help obtain a favorable outcome.

Every case starts with an arrest.  In every arrest, an individual should be given a ticket/citation that notifies them of the charges for which they were arrested. This ticket/citation also provides the notice that the individual is to appear in Court on a specific date. This date is written on the ticket/citation, and the individual arrested is generally asked to sign the ticket/citation in order to be released from custody on a “promise to appear”.

For DUI’s, the most important thing to remember after an arrest is that you only have 10 days, from that date, to protect your license from near-automatic license suspension by the DMV.  You MUST request a DMV hearing within those 10 days, otherwise, you risk having your license suspended by DMV (beginning 30 days after the arrest) for a period of at least 4 months.  This means that you would NOT be eligible for a restricted license until approximately 60 days after the arrest – assuming a first offense with no aggravating circumstances.  Don’t take that chance!

Let our DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys handle everything for you.  As soon as our office is chosen to represent you, we’ll issue a written request the DMV for your DMV Hearing (if a DUI charge).  Our DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys will then begin to perform any legal research necessary, based on the information you provide, and continue our investigation of your case from there.  If you or loved one has been arrested for DUI or other Criminal allegations, obtaining the help of an experienced attorney early is critical and may help save important evidence.  Contact our DUI & Criminal Defense attorneys today for a free consultation.

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