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Our DUI Defense Practice

As part of our DUI Defense practice, we handle these cases in a precise and strategic manner.  While there area several benefits to RIV-DUIhiring your own private Counsel, that decision ultimately rests with you, and whether or not you feel you need an attorney.  Keep in mind, though, there not hiring an attorney, or not hiring the right attorney, may cost you.  We invite you to give us a call, we may be able to help.

Just like the rest of our practice, we offer comprehensive representation to assist through out your case.  You can also see a sample of some of our past DUI defense results in Court and the DMV.

Why Us?

Explaining to you how we’re different (in ways you can’t see on the surface) requires an explanation of what the “traditional” experience with a DUI defense lawyer is like.  If you haven’t worked with a DUI defense lawyer before, let us show you how we’re different. We’re ready for you to come chat with us!

Getting Started

We’re set-up to help you in multiple ways, not only to keep you out of jail, but help you clean up long after your case is settled.  Think you’re ready to come chat with us and get started?  Here are the next steps to become part of our family…

So, How Can We Help?

Generally, a DUI defense case is broken down into a number of stages.  First, we have the overview of a DUI matter from the arrest, through the entire court process.  When discussing a DUI matter specifically, you need to understand that a DUI is broken into two separate cases.  One of those is in Criminal Court.  The second aspect of a DUI case is the case you will have related to the suspension of your driver’s license by the DMV. Our office provides comprehensive DUI defense representation in order to thoroughly investigate your matter and determine what options are available to you based on the strength of your case, and any violations of your rights that may have happened.

If you have already been convicted and you are interested in expunging the matter, terminating your probation early, or some other form of post-conviction relief that may be in play, we offer a variety of service that fall into that category as well.

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