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Our DIY Service Packages

The toughest part of any DIY legal option is the lack of follow up.  With the options we have available for you, not only do you get the benefit of an affordable alternative, but you also have access to us for questions after you’ve completed the system to ensure you are on the right track.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included With My Purchase?

Each of these products is designed to achieve a very specific purpose.  They are not meant to be all-encompassing DIY products to replace a solid relationship with your favorite attorney.  However, they do encompass part of the puzzle.  As such, each purchase will include the following:

1. A Free Initial Planning Session and
2. A Free Review of Your Completed Documents

Can I Return The Product If I Don't Like It?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns once the products have been opened.  However, we stand behind them.  If you are unhappy with your product, it may simply be as a result of needing a little more guidance than is provided within the product itself.  Please DO reach out to us.

How Long Before I Receive My Order?

Generally speaking, orders are processed within 48-72 hours and may take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Feel free to contact us for an order update if you have not received confirmation or delivery during this time frame.

What If I Have Questions Along The Way?

We recommend you take advantage of the initial consultations and document review that are provided with each purchase.  While it would be difficult to respond to each question on its own, in a timely manner, we suggest you write your questions down and bring them in during one of those included sessions to ensure we can have a proper discussion about them and how they interconnect with each other.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes!  Though installments are not an option for every product.  After clicking on the “Order Now” button, you’ll be taken to that product’s order page.  If installment options are available for that product, you will see those options there.

What If My Purchase Is Damaged?

We inspect every order before it is shipped, so hopefully that won’t happen.  However, if any damage occurs during shipping, please let us know so can address it appropriately.


How Can These Help You?

The biggest benefit to these products is that they force you to start thinking about your business and family differently.  They get to the heart of what matters to you and how you can set-up a structure for their long-term well-being.  Unlike many other DIY products, they don’t leave you  without additional support.  With these products, you also get one-on-one time with an attorney to answer questions and offer suggestions.  It’s a win-win!


These kits are designed to get you talking about long-term structure.


Have legal counsel available to help with guidance & questions.


Get help laying the right foundation for your business and family.


Receive guidance to make strategic decisions around your desired outcome.

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