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Congratulations on considering the next step in your business’ evolution! This program has been created specifically for businesses who want to ensure peace of mind as they focus on the growth of their business, for themselves and their families.  We’ve created this program to act as your personal, concierge-style law practice to handle all of your legal needs.

What Is The Private Counsel – Executives Membership Program?


The Private Counsel – Executives program provides the benefits of having an attorney available to your business when needed, for a variety of issues including buy/sell agreements, contract review/drafting/negotiation, day-to-day legal questions, legal aspects of business development, and many more.  With this program, you can rest easy knowing we’ll be in your corner, every step of the way.

Sounds Great, But What’s Included?

All plans have a couple of things in common, in services that they included and don’t include.  Otherwise, the specifics of each plan will vary based on your business strategy, goals and specific needs.  Once we meet for our initial strategy session, we’ll then come up with a few different options for us to work together.


  • Monthly newsletters on business related topics
  • Unlimited phone/eMail Q&A
  • All business-related legal work covered*
  • Monthly business check-ins
  • Access to our own legal experts, as well as our personal list of experts in other industries!

Not Included:

  • Litigation Services
  • Costs or Expenses related to our service (i.e., filing fees, regulatory fees, etc)
  • Personal legal services

Psst! We Have A New Name!!!

Hi friend! 

Legacy Counsel has now become "Griffin | A Professional Law Corp." 

To make things easier, we've also split our practice website.  Our new website at GriffinAPC.com, focuses on Estate Planning, Business Planning and Business Litigation.  Here, we'll focus more on Criminal and DUI Defense.

As a special bonus, we'll give you a 10% Discount on future services, just for signing up!

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