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Do Professionals Get Arrested On Drug Charges Or Only Hard Criminals?

It’s not common but it does happen. It’s not one of those things where you always see some sort of professional, whether it’s a realtor, a nurse, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer. You don’t typically see that person as a defendant, at least with respect to drug charges, but it does happen and it does happen fairly frequently. Generally, when it does happen though, it’s some sort of prescription. It’s usually not going to be a case involving meth or cocaine. The issues that professionals come in with are drugs that deal with anxiety or stress, most of the time. It’s prescriptions that they receive that get them in trouble.

Are You Talking About Controlled Substances?

Right! The drugs like Xanax. Typically going to be some sort of prescription that maybe they’ll have a prescription for but they took too much. Or maybe they have the pills in their purse and they can’t provide their prescription. So they get arrested. That’s usually how it goes where some kind of licensed professional gets a drug charge.

What Are Some of the More Difficult Aspects About Drug Cases?

The most difficult part of it, on the lawyer’s end, is basically trying to show how those drugs affect your client. We get the lab analysis that will typically show positive or negative for “X” drug or for “Y” drug. Once we get the quantity analysis to figure out how much is actually in that person’s system, it’s about figuring out how that amount actually affects this person. When you get a headache I’m sure you gravitate towards a specific brand or a specific type of drug because it just seems to work better for you. That’s how these cases are, a given level of a specific drug is going to affect each person differently.

Without further testing, without more research there’s no way to tell whether that number that’s on the lab slip actually means that my client was under the influence. Sometimes we get numbers that are lower than the prescribed dosage, sometimes we get numbers that are higher, but just because it falls within the therapeutic range doesn’t mean that the person wasn’t under the influence, and just because it falls outside the range doesn’t mean that they were under the influence. It’s building that case, learning about your client as much as possible to build the case to show that they were not under the influence if that’s the charge. If it’s a possession case, obviously that’s going to be a little bit different.

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