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What Are The Qualities To Look For When Hiring An Attorney For A Drug Case?

If you’re going to hire an attorney, you want to make sure that they’re going to actually do the job. You should ask the attorney what they specifically intend to do for you. Are they going to investigate the case? Are they going to look at the quantity analysis for the drugs? How are they going to approach your case?

One thing to look for is who’s going to be handling your case. Is it going to be the attorney you’re speaking with or some other affiliated attorney, or some attorney who’s got no prior experience? That might be one of the red flags. If you’re speaking to me and I’m not actually going to handle your case, it’s going to be an associate, or maybe someone who works with the firm but they’re fresh out of law school and just kind of getting their feet wet, this may be a concern for you – or it may not be.

Pricing is going to be an issue for most people.  But I would suggest you look to the over-all value being provided by an attorney. If you’re going around and asking three or four attorneys what they’d be charging for your case and you’re getting a range of $1,500 to $3,000 and then you talk to another one and they say $600 or $700, that’s going to be a red flag. Why are they so much lower than everybody else? It may be an experience issue; it may be an issue of how they deal with cases.

You want to look for attorneys who have some sort of accreditation behind them. By that, I mean they’re members of certain groups like The National Trial Lawyers Association, maybe the California Public Defenders Association or The California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. Associations like that tend to provide some resources for attorneys to help them with defending these kinds of cases. You want an attorney who is continually looking for ways to better their practice, to better the way they represent the people rather than just somebody who is just sitting back and resting on their laurels.

Can You Provide Examples of Notable or Unique Drug Cases?

One of them actually relates to a DUI. There were two reasons for the DUI. It was DUI with alcohol, and the lab result also showed that this person had methamphetamine in their system. That case was great because the DA ultimately dismissed both of those charges and reduced it to a reckless driving offense. There were some issues with the driving but the BAC level was extremely low so they couldn’t really do anything with that. There were repeated discussions with the DA about how the quantity of the meth actually affected my client, whether or not it was a recent consumption, and that ultimately ended up convincing the DA to agree to dismiss that charge. There are several ways that drug cases can go; it’s really hard to focus on one case to show as an example of what can happen.

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