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Client Profile

Just like any other business, we love working with individuals that that reflect our core beliefs.  That means you love your family. You want to ensure things are as easy as possible for them, if and when something happens to you. You want to pass on what you have worked so hard for your entire life . Your wealth isn’t measured just by the dollars in the bank… (Read More…)

Generally, our clients also have a few things in common…

  1. They are a joy to work with…
  2. They believe honesty is a must…
  3. They understand we are people too…
  4. They understand reliability is important…
  5. They want a relationship with a trusted advisor…
  6. They come in with questions and can discuss their situation…
  7. They understand that our services are an investment in their future…
  8. They allow us to do our job, and know we will communicate as appropriate…
  9. They understand they have options in choosing a firm, but believe we are the best fit…
  10. They understand we have other matters, but we’ll do our best to treat them as if they were it…

Representative Business Clients

We love working with businesses that we love.  Here’s what we look for:  Your business is meaningful. It provides support for the people you love and for the people it serves. You want to see it continue to provide that support beyond your lifetime. You aren’t in business simply for the money, but for the impact you are leaving in the world. (Read More…)

Here are some of our clients that, we believe, embody those qualities:

  • Active Plumbing Solutions
  • Airleas Mobile Massage
  • bethechangeHR
  • BodymetRx
  • Craft Contracting
  • Fix-It Diesel
  • Hickey Marketing Group
  • Honest Mama
  • Linda’s Casa Trejo Restaurant
  • Republic Development & Design
  • Shearinfinity Computers & Network Solutions
  • Vanity Fur

We represent individuals and businesses in various industries, including:  Construction, Medical/Health, Real Estate, Technology, Web, Food, Education, Insurance and more.  Because of these relationships, we’ve developed a quality understanding of what many individuals have at stake when they come to our office to assist them with varying legal needs – regardless of whether they come to us for estate planning assistance, business planning/general counsel assistance, with pending criminal allegations, or some other type of situation.

We understand that we will not be a good fit for everyone who comes to speak with us.  We want to work with the “right” people.  We simply don’t have the resources necessary to work with everyone we meet.  If these characteristics sound like you, we invite you to come visit us, and find out what makes us different than almost every other law firm.


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