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What Are The Types Of Theft That People Are Generally Unaware Of?

I don’t think that there’s a crime of theft that people generally don’t know is a crime, simply because it necessarily involves taking something that doesn’t belong to you. One of the common situations that I hear about where people know what the action is but they don’t think it falls under the definition of theft, is one I came across recently. Somebody had agreed to sell an item to a friend of theirs. They gave that item to the friend, but the friend never provided the funds for it.

At that point, depending on a few more complexities and details, you potentially have the transaction that’s completed and you probably could be considered to just have given that item to the friend. But in the situation that I came across, this person decided to take that item back until the friend could come up with the money. Depending on how that initial transaction was viewed, whether it was viewed as a gift or a pending transaction, that second time when the first friend took back the item, which could be a theft even though they were expecting to be paid. I don’t really think that you can have a theft and not know that you’re taking something.

What If Someone Wrote A Bad Check? What Problems Could They Be Facing?

In California, a bad check is going lead to felony check fraud. That is punishable by up to three years in prison, if convicted. It’s not just a matter of writing a check that ends up bouncing. It’s a matter of writing a check that either you knew would bounce or that was written on a checking account that was for a closed account, and you knew that the account was closed. There’s always going to be that layer of intent behind a theft action, which you need in addition to the action in order for it to be a crime.

What Is Meant By Theft Of Services And What Can Be An Example?

One example could be that you hire an attorney and you agree to payments. Case is done. Attorney’s done. They’ve done their job, and you just decided “the case is done, so I don’t have to pay them anymore.” That would be theft of services. One other is things like going to a hotel. Let’s say you have issues with the credit card. You just keep pushing off the payment to the hotel. Then after your stay is done, and you still haven’t paid, that could be theft of services.

The same with taxis. Most taxis charge you once you get to the destination. If you just get out and leave, that could be theft of services. It’s basically any kind of industry that provides a service in exchange for money where you receive the benefit of that service but then end up not paying.

Can Someone Get Into That Situation With Rentals Like Uber Or Lyft?

Very easily! Especially with how prevalent Uber, Lyft and things like that have become.

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